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November 19, 2012

Letter to The Leader(Wrexham).19/11/2012.


Justice And Fairness For All.

Over the years all the letters I have had published on these pages have been concerning matters of justice and fairness for all.Once again I write to your paper,this time concerning the historic child abuse cases involving Bryn Estyn.Over the coming days you will see those with inflated cheque books,with an ability to sue get some kind of “justice”.Meanwhile those who were the victims of the vilest of offences whilst they were among the most vulnerable of children,not merely will they get no justice but are left with feelings that the world just does not care.Before I leave this matter I would like to thank my M.P.-Susan Elan Jones for speaking out with such clarity and vigour on this matter.
Now given my interest in all these matters people would have thought that I would have been waiting for the Polling Station to open last Thursday when elections were held for the newly created Police and Crime Commissioners.However along with the vast majority of people I did not vote.Let us look at these newly created positions?
At best the PCCs will find themselves on the same footing as the Children’s Commissioner.Now I am not decrying the concept of the Children’s Commisioner,I merely point out that they can’t independently take part in legal action or initiate such proceedings.At worst though we could well have the almost ridiculous notion that “Tory Police” are better than “Labour Police”!I will end by posing this question;Was the idea of the PCCs just another policy written on the back of a fag packet,or yet another unwanted import from the USA?
William Russell Jones



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  1. unlimitednow permalink

    Thank you for highlighting these injustices. We must all work together to make sure the cover-up stops.

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