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This Is A Full Frontal Assault On Those Who Have Nothing.

December 9, 2012

A lady from my local Council came to see me to discuss the implications of the Housing Benefit changes due in April.In particular to explain to me how the so called “bedroom tax” would affect me.She explained the options I have,that of moving “somewhere” to a one bedroom flat or face a £14 shortfall in my Housing Benefit which I would have to struggle somehow to make up.

She gave me a booklet apparently written by the Council entitled ; Frequently Asked Questions for Tenants Affected by Under-occupation.Whilst I accept that the Council did not in themselves initiate these changes,nonetheless as you will see from the accompanying page from the booklet,it is both contemptuous and patronising in tone.

I can but hope that like the Poll Tax proved fatal for Thatcher,that this “bedroom tax” is a similar step too far for Cameron and Osborne.



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  1. I’ve clicked ‘like’ because I’m glad to see that nasty comptemptuous and patronising advice but there is nothing to ‘like’ about this punitive and chaotic policy. This blog suggests that it is also unlawful. Given that R4 had a piece about a girl living in an airing cupboard, the definition of an extra room is pivotal. Wish I could wage a magic wand to abolish the whole idea!

  2. It does seem outrageous that people like myself are being forced to pay for the Banker’s follies.

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