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Harmondsworth Removal Centre Heathrow

January 16, 2014

This is a copy of the Email I have just sent to my MP Susan Elan Joones of Clwyd South with regards to todays revelations that an 84 year old man died in handcuffs whilst under the “care” of Harmondswoth Removal Centre;

Todays revelation by HM Inspecter of Prisons that a man aged 84 died in
handcuffs whilst under the “care” of Harmondsworth is truly shocking.

Such matters have always been of great interest to me.I can only think
that if such Centres are doing work of such importance to the state then
they should be brought under the full control of the Prison Service.It
really is time to get rid of contractors like G4S and Serco and the
like.Their sole motive is not service to the public but profit!



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  1. Robert permalink

    sad wonder what the hell this chap did to need to be handcuffed like this, murder maybe or double parking.

    Nope he was going to be removed from this country brilliant.

  2. I am ahocked by your comments,it says more about you than those of us who believe in justice and fairness for all!

  3. Robert permalink

    It should not shock you how long have we had interment camps we all know these people have done nothing but dare to come to this country of ours to be met by the long hand of the boarders agencies. New labour Miliband labour the Tories do you think they care .

    I’m sick to death of people think Labour will do sod all or the Tories he just one of ,many last week a young girl was sent home on her own, in Cardiff a few years we we marched to try and stop a cleaner who’s visa has run out being deported she died from not having drugs for her cancer.

    You keep fighting it I’m sure labour will listen to you they did not listen to us.

    Politics I just cannot be bother with i then again I’m disabled

    Sorry but my days of being shocked are long gone.

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