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Wrexham North Wales

Bio: I'm a 59 year old disabled man still hoping for a better life for all.

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    Saturday, 2nd February, 2013

    St, John’s Hall
    Crawley Town Centre (3 mins from Crawley Station)

    1.00 pm until 5.00pm

    Open Public Meeting for all wishing to oppose the Tory’s Bedroom Tax,

    TEL: ROBIN BURNHAM 01293 425840 OR

    We need to repeal this legislation and as many cannot afford to pay,
    and do not want to move as their home is a place they have spent years
    investing in, and do not want a lodger or stranger in their home. As a
    tenancy organisation we have now teamed up with Liverpool, Dartford,
    Wirral and other areas up and down the country and have the support of
    many councillors who are already attending our meeting. We need more
    support however, from other areas for other council residents such as
    yours in your ward as their representative.

    I hope you get in touch with us, and I hope to hear from you. Many
    thanks for your time and I shall await your response. I have outlined
    some issues for you to see what is being said up and down the country.

    Bedroom tax assaults the poorest who need support. Not all claimants
    of housing benefit don’t work but have low paid jobs and need housing

    Some residents can contribute to society but some simply cannot.
    Despite ATOS striking all as fit to work, thousands are not and they
    should not be penalised for their disability or illness and so on.

    Some of the high powered bankers caused our financial mess, yet the
    people bailed them out. Excessive salaries and bonuses are back, but
    the poorest wages are all frozen or reduced.

    There are 750,000 empty properties up and down the country.

    It isn’t about housing the homeless as private tenants or those who
    pay their rent are not being asked to do anything.

    It is simply those on housing benefit.

    Siblings under 10 have to share a room to free up a bedroom is
    outrageous. Same sex under 16 have to share a room also.

    Disabled people who need Carer’s to sleep over, loose their bedrooms
    or need to prove their needs under ATOS, they don’t stand a chance.

    All low incomers are one pay cheque away from needing benefits if they
    loose their job or cost of living goes up.

    Lodgers who are homeless are not longer homeless once they have moved
    in and could be with you for years.

    Lodgers have right to make your home their home and may wish for
    partners to sleep over too.

    Council tenant looses their privacy and their home.

    Council will evict tenant who fall behind paying the extra tax of 14%

    Children forced to have strangers in their home can be made vulnerable
    in an instance.

    Lodgers can steal, causing domestic strife for the council tenant.

    And so on and so on, the list goes on.

    Thank you for your time,

    Debbie Simmons
    Council Tenant Crawley Resident.

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